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A Mother's Story | Mother's Day Blog - WUAMAN
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Bertha has been working with us for over twenty-four years. She is in charge of our Embroidery Department and she is the director of our Embroidery & Crochet Workshops. Over the years, she has mentored many mothers from our community. Thanks to Bertha, many mothers from our community have become part of our team and many more have become artisan entrepreneurs. 

A few months ago, we interviewed Bertha and she shared with us a little bit about her life. She tells us that when she first started at WUAMAN she had no idea how her life could change. Her goal was to bring a second income to her home, and she did just that plus more. Her talent and dedication have helped put her eldest son through college and he is now a mining engineer. Her daughter Edith is finishing her career in zootechnics and her youngest is in high school. We are so proud of you Bertha. You are an example to follow!

Mother's make up 80% of our team. Many of them are single mothers. We see, firsthand, how dedicated they are to their families and how hard they work to provide a better life for their children. We are extremely proud to call them our teammates and our friends.

"By choosing Wuaman, you are not only supporting our family business but also supporting an entire community of artisans who are the beating heart of our company and the talented hands behind our products." Sandra Huaman



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