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Artisan Collaborations

Throughout the Peruvian Andes, there are many artisans whose craftsmanship goes unnoticed. Our mission is to showcase their art, give value to their craft and bring economic empowerment to their community. Through artisan collaborations we can bring sustainable economic change to rural communities.
In Cajamarca-Peru, we met a group of alpaca farmers who made their own yarn but could not find reliable buyers for it. In an effort to help, we offered them training in the art of felting and dying of the felted material. This would allow them to create other marketable products.
After training, we developed a number of designs which they would continue to produce and together we would bring them to market. This is how our handmade keychains and handmade tree ornaments were born.

100% of the profits from these products goes back to this community of alpaca farmers.

"We love collaborating with fellow artisans. Working together we can elevate each other, and we can create sustainable economic development for our communities." Artisan & Owner, Sandra Huaman.