Sustainable Peruvian Alpaca Fur

 Our Alpaca Fur is Guaranteed 100% Harm-Free & Sustainable


Do Alpaca Farmers Harm Their Alpacas?

The answer is a resounding, No.


ALPACA YARN  is different from  ALPACA FUR


Alpaca Yarn -

Alpaca Farmers gently shear alpacas once a year without causing any harm to their skin nor their bodies. This is the most profitable situation for Alpaca Farmers.

This event happens every Spring during a beautiful ceremony. Alpacas also benefit from this, because without shearing, they can overheat during Summer.

These shearings are sorted and made into Alpaca Yarn.


Alpaca Fur -

Alpaca Farmers go to great lengths to keep their alpacas safe and healthy. Herding them to green pastures and lakes, and protecting them from predators and harsh weather.

However, keeping thousands of alpacas safe is not a perfect task, and Alpaca Farmers suffer impactful losses every year.

Our Alpaca Fur comes from the natural passing of alpacas. This is our promise and guarantee.

We cultivate relationships with local Alpaca Farmers to purchase Alpaca Fur that is guaranteed 100% Harm Free and Sustainable.


WUAMAN's Mission = Creating a Cycle of Sustainability

Our mission is to create products made from Harm-Free Alpaca Fur to support Alpaca Farmers, and help them turn a negative situation into a positive one.

The proceeds help Alpaca Farmers acces veterinary attention, purchase medication and supplies, maintain their shelter, and more.

Every sale of these products directly supports Peruvian Alpaca Farmers.


Peruvian Alpaca Farmers

Alpaca Farmers in the Andes of Peru are in dire need of our support.

Many of them live in conditions of extreme poverty, and they fully depend on the well-being of their alpacas.

Alpaca Farming is the most important, and many times, the only commercial activity in the Peruvian Andes. 

The Peruvian Andes hold 87% of the world's population of alpacas, which is over 5 million alpacas. Every year up to 30% of alpacas perish due to predators & inclement weather.


Thank You For Your Support