Pedal Loom Weaving | Artisan Craftsmanship

Wuaman Pedal Loom

Textile Traditions

Keeping textile traditions alive is part of our mission. Peru’s textile history has a huge influence in our culture and our economy. Designing and producing marketable products on our hand-operated, pedal looms, we can maintain this beautiful art alive.

Our friend Eusebio Suarez has been in charge of our Loom Weaving Department for over twenty two years. We began making traditional products such as: blankets and rugs. Then, we began innovating techniques and designs in order to create new products. Today, our looms produce ruanas, ponchos, scarves, shawls and decorative pillow covers.

Pedal loom weaving requires lots of time and expertise, which makes these products costly. Our mission is to educate consumers on the art of pedal loom weaving and bring awareness to fair trade, sustainable slow-fashion.

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