Sustainable Peruvian Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca Fiber from Peru

Ethically-Sourced Fine Alpaca Fiber From The Andes Of Peru

Qualities of Alpaca Fiber:

            • Luxurious, silky and solft.
            • Strong and durable.
            • Hypoallergenic. (Does not contain Lanolin)
            • Breathable insulation. (Due to its hallow core)
            • Resists acquired odors.
            • Moisture wicking.
            • Over twenty three natural shades.

Sustainability of Alpaca Fiber:

  • Peruvian Alpacas live in their natural habitat. Living in the proper altitude/climate and eating their regular diet, allows them to grow healthy fur.
  • Alpacas have soft hooves that do not harm the soil.
  • Alpacas cut grass with their teeth instead of pulling the grass from the soil. This allows grass to continue growing.
  • Alpaca fiber is not oily like wool and cashmere. This means less water usage and no harsh chemicals usage during the cleaning process.
  • Alpacas produce more fiber than sheep per year.
  • Alpacas are not harmed during the shearing process.

Natural Fiber Comparison: Alpaca vs. Cashmere vs. Merino Wool