Who is WUAMAN?

The Founders - Sandra & Edoardo

We created WUAMAN out of love. Love for each other, love for our families, and love our fellow artisans from the Peruvian Andes.

We are a direct-to-consumer brand, meaning we handle our own production and distribution. Therefore, your purchase directly supports us! The Artisans and Alpaca Farmers from underdeveloped communities in the Andes of Peru.

WUAMAN is a family company certified as a fair trade manufacturer. Fair Trade means 3 things: we employ our community, we protect our environment, and we provide long term employment and fair wages.


How It All Began

By Sandra -

In Huancayo, Peru (1987) my father, Jose Huaman, was sixteen years old when his father taught him to knit on a manual knitting-machine. Grandpa had his own business making clothing, and it was time for Dad to contribute.

A few years later, when Mom, Nelly, and Dad were expecting me. They decided to invest in two manual knitting machines, and expand the family business. They would knit sweaters for children and sell them at local markets. After years of hard work, they were excited to open their first shop.


Wuaman Social impact

A Step Forward

We wanted to become a more sustainable company. So, we began manufacturing all our products from Sustainable Alpaca Fiber.

Today, our company is Fair Trade Certified by Peru’s Chamber of Commerce for Exportation.

We are equipped with modern knitting machines, along-side our original manual knitting machines.

Fair Trade Certification = Fair Wages + Community + Environment

Wuaman Fair Trade

Social Responsibility

Our goal is to create jobs for members of our community. Our mission is to uphold our textile traditions, and employ our community to generate sustainable growth within.

From the start, our products were handmade including embroidery and crochet designs, to this day, handcrafted products and handmade designs are our essence.

This let us to create Free Training Workshops where we teach embroidery, crochet, and sewing, to members of our community. By learning a marketable trade they can achieve economic stability and create growth within the community.

Most of our employees are women. Many of them are single mothers who work from home, where they can manage their work schedule while simultaneously taking care of their children.


"By choosing Wuaman, you are not only purchasing a quality product, you are also supporting a community of artisans who are the beating heart of our company and the talented hands behind our products" Artisan & Founder, Sandra Huaman.