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Wuaman Alpaca Embroidery



Is a fertile high valley located in the central Andes of Peru. Its main industry is agriculture, but the region is also rich in textile traditions dating back to the Inca Empire. Hand embroidery is one of the most influential textile techniques and it is part of our everyday life.

A great example of this, are our embroidered sweaters and jackets. When made for an event, they are embroidered with large, colorful floral designs. While everyday sweaters are adorned with tiny embroidered flowers and rhinestones.



Our hand embroidery collection aims to uphold our textile traditions while also promoting an industry that mainly employs women.

Women are a huge portion of Huancayo’s unemployed population. Mothers take care of their children and are unable to work long hours on the fields. While single mothers have no one to take care of their children and are faced with an even more difficult situation.




Training Workshops

This is what led us to create training workshops for women. At our workshops, women learn how to perform many different embroidery and crochet techniques. They learn which technique is better suited for a style or design. They learn proper color combinations, and they learn how to create symmetrical designs.

Quickly our workshops grew, and we saw an opportunity to create positive change in our community. Today, many of our trainees form part of Wuaman and many more have become proud artisan entrepreneurs. Our embroidery team works from home, where they can manage their work schedule and simultaneously take care of their children.

Our mission is to help women, especially single mothers, provide a better quality of life for their family. By learning a trade, they can have a sustainable source of income and be independent.


 We are proud to empower women in our community!

Training Workshops